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Functional Requirements and their levels of granularity

What are the levels of granularity of functional requirements and why this is important
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Issue 2017-01


All lights on green
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The Business Case for Agile Business Analysis

What is Agile Business Analysis, and 10 reasons why it’s worth developing the competency within your agile organization

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Biased Toddlers

How bias will affect even the simplest of specifications

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Making “agiLE” Work

Agile in the Large Enterprise

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Tracing Change Requests

From Requirements to Code

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Sharing My Doubts on Goals and Requirements

Goals are intended, Requirements are imposed

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Authors Quotes

“The lesson to take home for people dealing with specifications… is to be aware of effects that bias can have.”

Manon Penning in Biased Toddlers

“A final common peril for large enterprises transforming from waterfall to agile is the continuation of waterfall funding while delivering in an agile fashion…”

Joy Beatty in Making “agiLE” Work

“When agile teams are faced with business complexity, they need to on-board many of the traditional techniques of Requirements Engineering.”

Howard Podeswa in The Business Case for Agile Business Analysis
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Dear Reader

Agile, agiIe, agile – still this topic preoccupies the Requirements Engineering community a great deal. It is ubiquitous in conference programs, RE news groups and magazines. It’s very obvious that – though benefits of Agile are widely acknowledged – the implementation of Agile is not that easy. Amongst other things RE within Agile processes presents a big challenge. IREB addresses that with two new certifications: the CPRE RE@Agile Primer, coming very soon, and the CPRE RE@Agile Advanced Level which will follow the Primer in summer 2017. Our goal is to support the community in showing how RE may be applied in an Agile environment. Or is it a goal? I need to discuss that with Karol Frühauf (see below!).

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