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Advertising Rates

The prices for the ads have been fixed depending on the criteria

  • How prominent is the place
  • How often is the page expected to be displayed

There are ad positions on the front page and on the article page. Whereas the ads on the front page only appear on this page, the ads on the article page will appear on each single article page. The sponsor logos are the same on the front page and on the article pages.

Ad positions

This schematic depiction shows the positions of the ads:

1. On the front page 2. On the article page
a) 3 Banners on the right hand side
b) 2 Banners at the bottom
c) 6 Sponsor logos (identical to 2d)
a) 1 Banner “inside” the article
b) 2 Banners on the right hand side
c) 1 Banner at the bottom
d) 6 Sponsor logos (identical to 1c)

The position of the 1a and 2a ads will be shuffled so that the order from top to down changes randomly.


Price per issue Price per month
Front Page
1a Banner right (shuffle) 720 € 180 €
1b Banner bottom 540 € 135 €
Article Page
2a Banner "inside" article 1080 € 270 €
2b Banner right (shuffle) 864 € 216 €
2c Banner bottom 648 € 162 €
1c and 2d Sponsors 180 € 45 €

For each change of an ad during an issue period a service fee of 25 Euro is applicable.
All prices plus tax.

Booking period

The ad places can be booked per issue (4 months) only.

Reservation and booking

The ad places are reserved on a first come first serve base!

Contact us for any further information you might require and for booking.