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About the RE Magazine

The Requirements Engineering Magazine is an independent online magazine, published several times a year by IREB.

The Requirements Engineering Magazine shall serve as a platform for the active exchange of professionals on Requirements Engineering (RE). It is cost free in order to motivate as many professionals as possible to read the articles and thus give them the opportunity to expand their range of knowledge. Articles around the RE-topic are contributed by international professionals from the fields of BA and RE. Everybody is welcome to submit articles, may she/he be IREB member or not!

As the Requirements Engineering Magazine provides a global platform for the active exchange on RE, the articles solely reflect the authors’ viewpoints and do not necessarily express the opinion of the IREB; some articles might not represent the official position of IREB.

The people behind the magazine

The Editor - IREB GmbH

Stefan Sturm
Dr. Sibylle Becker

The Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Christof Ebert
Karol Frühauf
Rainer Grau
Peter Hruschka
Prasad Kamath
Dr. Kim Lauenroth
Gustavo Marquez Sosa
Stefan Sturm (editor-in-chief)
Luisa Mich
Prof. Dr. Klaus Pohl
Chris Rupp
Prof. Dr. Camille Salinesi
Dr. Ralph Young
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Weyer

The proof reader

Gareth Rogers

The agency for media design and technical implementation

helllicht – Agentur für Medienentwicklung

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