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The conditions

Everybody is welcome to submit an article.
The abstracts and articles have to be written in English.
The Guidelines for Authors detail the procedure and the conditions for writing an article.

Download Guidelines for Authors [PDF-Document]

Step 1: Submission of an abstract

The author has to submit an abstract (300-400 words) together with her/his short biography prior to the article itself. The abstract should comprise a description of the topic/problem as well as solution approaches. Within 10 working days the author will receive a feedback from the Editor whether the article is accepted.

According to the GDPR, we are obliged to obtain the consent of the authors to process their data. Therefore, the author has to sign our Data Protection Statement and Processing Information and mail it to us together with the abstract. The signed Data Protection Statement and Processing Information is indispensable for an abstract to be reviewed.

Download Submission Template [Word-Document]
Download Data Protection Statement and Processing Information [PDF-Document]

Step 2: Author’s agreement

An agreement on the conditions for the publication of the article will be signed by the author and the IREB GmbH where

  • the author agrees to permit IREB GmbH to publish the article in a whole or in parts without any limits,
  • the author indemnifies IREB GmbH from any liability resulting from the permission for the publication,
  • the author guarantees that the material is under her/his own copyright or that she/he has the permission to publish it.

Download Author’s agreement [PDF-Document]

Step 3: Submission of the article

After the submission of the article the editor will give a feedback within 20 working days. As the editor might have suggestions for improvement, resources for the implementation of these suggestions should be planned by the author.


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