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feature story

The Genius Toddler Challenge

How to create awareness for some of the difficulties requirements engineers face
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Issue 2016-01


Seeking new perspectives
More Articles

Requirements Engineering in Research Projects: Food for Thought

Lessons learned from a European Framework Project

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What makes Women Better BAs

What makes an excellent BA and are women more suited to the role?

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Evolving and Improving the Requirements Approach to Big Data Projects

A Roadmap to Implementing Big Data Projects

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NLP for Requirements Engineers, Part 1

How requirements engineers can benefit from applying the NLP communication techniques

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RE in Agile Projects: Survey Results

Results of research project announced in a previous issue.

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Literature Reviews

Authors Quotes

“...the use of many RE methods within Agile projects is widespread and is not, in practice, seen to be in conflict with Agile principles.”

Gareth Rogers in RE in Agile Projects: Survey Results

“Look for ways to get the stakeholders to understand each other and move the conversation towards the realization of the common goals.”

Corrine Thomas in NLP for Requirements Engineers, Part 1

“Communication problems have been an inspiration for analysis for decades.”

Manon Penning in The Genius Toddler Challenge
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The Requirements Engineering Magazine is an independent online magazine, published every four months by IREB.

The Requirements Engineering Magazine shall serve as a platform for the active exchange of professionals on Requirements Engineering (RE). It is cost free in order to motivate as many professionals as possible to read the articles and thus give them the opportunity to expand their range of knowledge. Articles around the RE-topic are contributed by international professionals from the fields of BA and RE. Everybody is welcome to submit articles, may she/he be IREB member or not!

As the Requirements Engineering Magazine provides a global platform for the active exchange on RE, the articles solely reflect the authors’ viewpoints and do not necessarily express the opinion of the IREB; some articles might not represent the official position of IREB.

Dear Reader

Dear Reader

As already promised, starting with this issue we are providing a search feature as well as an improved overview of the previous issues. It is far easier from now on to search and find articles on particular topics.

Our regular readers might have noticed that this issue has been published one month later than usual. This is due to a change to three issues per year, at four-month intervals. Furthermore, from issue 2016-2 we will always publish new issues in the middle of the month.

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