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feature story

The goal is to solve the problem

Some thoughts on problems and goals in the context of requirements engineering
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Issue 2017-02


Staying on the right path
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What is a Useful Perspective in Considering Requirements Engineering Relative to Systems Engineering?

RE is one discipline in the mix of disciplines that SE orchestrates. Not understanding the role of RE properly can hold practitioners back

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To Brainstorm or Not to Brainstorm

Neuropsychological Insights on Creativity

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REQM guidance matrix

A framework to drive requirements management

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Sharing My Doubts on the Focus of Requirements

Requirements and where to put them

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Literature Reviews

Authors Quotes

“…the important thing you must understand is that there are two ways to write requirements, and both are important.”

Fabrício Laguna in REQM guidance matrix

“Whenever the brain switches to “doodle mode” …, it may come up with a new idea.”

Anja Schwarz in To Brainstorm or Not to Brainstorm

“Seeing SE as a separate discipline … can provide a significant productivity boost.”

Michael Jastram in What is a Useful Perspective in Considering Requirements Engineering Relative to Systems Engineering?
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Dear Reader

Staying on the right path requires great effort and sometimes you have to be creative in order to do so… Planning a new issue of the RE Magazine is always a very creative process. For each issue, we scrutinize the magazine for improvements and think about how to add further value for our readers. Luckily for us: in RE, we have a couple of creativity techniques which help. The article by Inge Kress and Anja Schwarz gives valuable information on how to apply these techniques in the best way possible.

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