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RE in Agile Projects: a Survey

A number of authors and articles, in this publication and elsewhere, have already addressed the topic of Agile RE and provide recommendations as to how these approaches should best be combined. With this survey, however, we ask you how RE is really working in your Agile projects today.

The results of the survey will be collected and analyzed with the goal of developing guidelines for the general application of RE in Agile projects: what really works in practice, and what does not. These insights will be shared with readers of the IREB magazine in a future article.

Your help is needed: Please share your experiences with us by filling in a questionnaire about requirements elicitation!

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About the Survey

In this survey we invite you to report on the state of RE in your Agile projects: What requirements problems do you currently experience? What RE methods are used to address these problems? How is all this related to the size and complexity of your project environment?

By gathering data from a broad range of professionals we aim to gain insights into the current practice of RE, and test the theory that the real question for RE in Agile projects is not “if” you do it, but “when”.

The survey requires around 10 minutes to complete.

About your Anonymity

You may decline to answer any questions that you do not wish to answer, and you can withdraw your participation at any time by not submitting your responses. There are no known or anticipated risks from participating in this study. Any information that you provide will be confidential.

This survey uses Google Docs. If you prefer not to submit your data through Google Docs, please contact one of the researchers so you can participate using email.

Gareth Rogers |

Comments (2)

  • From: Peter Rubarth
  • Date: 04. May 2015

Great idea

Hi Gareth,
I'm really excited that you undertake this survey.
I was thinking about doing something similar because I wanted to test my hypothesis that agile RE in real projects is much less mature than core software development or testing.

Thus I'm very interested in your results. Any idea when these will be published?


  • From: – Author
  • Date: 05. May 2015

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the feedback. Glad that you also find the topic relevant.

Will let the survey run for a month or two, here and in other forums aimed in particular at Agile proponents. The aim is to try and get as complete a picture as possible.

As promised, the results will be published here in the IREB magazine - if not the next quaterly edition then perhaps the following one. If you entered your email address at the end of the survey, however, preliminary results will be distributed directly as soon as these are ready.

Best regards,

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