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Verification and Validation of System Requirements by Animation and Automated Formal Analysis.
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Issue 2014-04


Steady flight
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Poor requirements?

Welcome outsourcing!

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A Framework for Systematic Requirements Development in Information Systems.

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Readable requirements

Readable requirements are not a matter of course – or are they?

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Customized Agile RE Process

Agile Requirements Engineering Procedure Model using the RE Tool Jama.

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Translating Exam Questions

No Double Dutch! [An article of the Inside IREB series]

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Literature Reviews

Authors Quotes

“Following the ADVANCE methodology and tools means that requirements are debugged during system design and development.”

Brett Bicknell in Advance

“[…] frequent consulting of the IREB glossary is a must in order to maintain consistency in terminology.”

Hans van Loenhoud in Translating Exam Questions

“Significantly improved readability of RE documents saves larger projects several hundred hours of effort per review cycle.”

Frank Rabeler in Readable requirements
About the Requirements Engineering Magazine

The Requirements Engineering Magazine is an independent online magazine, published every four months by IREB.

The Requirements Engineering Magazine shall serve as a platform for the active exchange of professionals on Requirements Engineering (RE). It is cost free in order to motivate as many professionals as possible to read the articles and thus give them the opportunity to expand their range of knowledge. Articles around the RE-topic are contributed by international professionals from the fields of BA and RE. Everybody is welcome to submit articles, may she/he be IREB member or not!

As the Requirements Engineering Magazine provides a global platform for the active exchange on RE, the articles solely reflect the authors’ viewpoints and do not necessarily express the opinion of the IREB; some articles might not represent the official position of IREB.

Dear Reader

This is already the fourth issue of the Requirements Engineering Magazine – incredible!

First we had to learn to fly, and the very positive feedback on the “first edition” was so motivating, it seemed easy for us to gather speed with our second issue and then to gain height with the third. Well then?

Now we are in a steady flight!

Steady flight is great, but no reason for us to lean back. We are very much aware of the danger of stalling.

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