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Toward Better RE

The Main Thing is Keeping the Main Thing
the Main Thing
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Issue 2014-02


Gathering speed
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Product Owner in Scrum

State of the discussion: Requirements Engineering and Product Owner in Scrum

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Opportunities & Approaches

Re-Use of Requirements via Libraries:
Opportunities & Approaches

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Gender Studies

What do we learn from Gender Studies for Requirements Engineering

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A key technique

Delegation of requirement verification. A key technique for more mature requirements management.

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Building the bridge

Building the bridge between experience and research: The future Research Section of the RE Magazine

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Literature Reviews

Authors Quotes

“Requirements engineering is about understanding what the customer needs from an IT system in order to best support its business objectives.”

Dr. Ralph R. Young in Toward Better RE

“Delegation of requirement verification is a relatively simple technique to set up in terms of information systems.”

Joseph Aracic in A key technique

“Your help is needed: Please share your experiences with us by filling in a questionnaire about requirements elicitation!”

IREB in Building the bridge
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The Requirements Engineering Magazine is an independent online magazine, published every four months by IREB.

The Requirements Engineering Magazine shall serve as a platform for the active exchange of professionals on Requirements Engineering (RE). It is cost free in order to motivate as many professionals as possible to read the articles and thus give them the opportunity to expand their range of knowledge. Articles around the RE-topic are contributed by international professionals from the fields of BA and RE. Everybody is welcome to submit articles, may she/he be IREB member or not!

As the Requirements Engineering Magazine provides a global platform for the active exchange on RE, the articles solely reflect the authors’ viewpoints and do not necessarily express the opinion of the IREB; some articles might not represent the official position of IREB.

Dear Reader

We learned to fly – now we have to gather speed

Launching the first issue of the RE Magazine “Learning to fly” was quite a challenge. When the issue was live on the web it was time to celebrate, relax a bit, do a retrospective – and start tackling issue 2.

The feedback from the community was very motivating for us and we can report that the first issue was a real success. Readers liked the layout (as we do) and found the articles ”awesome”, “ very inspiring and interestingly written“ or were simply „pleased with every word“. So we can indeed say that we have taken off with the magazine and managed to “fly”.

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