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feature story

Applying IREB RE practices in an agile environment

Are the practices recommended by the IREB CPRE-FL syllabus still useful in agile projects?
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Issue 2015-03


Thinking without limits
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A Finite State Machine Model for Requirements Engineering

How can the standard UML FSM be improved to better serve the requirements engineer?

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The Business Analysis Center of Excellence

How to build a strong foundation for business analysis and requirements engineering inside a company

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Is requirements engineering still needed in agile development approaches?

When every new iteration can violate previously satisfied requirements

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Requirements Elicitation (ReqElic) in My Company

Preliminary Results of a Questionnaire

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Requirements under construction

Agreed, unambiguous and based on inventions

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Literature Reviews

Authors Quotes

“[…] It is very helpful to analyse the different dimensions and aspects of the backlog items to get a holistic view of the resulting priorities.”

Stefan Meier in Applying IREB RE practices in an agile environment

“Where requirement engineers are a distinct group, more effort will be invested in separating requirements from design and implementation.”

Ariè Avnur in A Finite State Machine Model for Requirements Engineering

“Radical constructivism provides a new perspective on the elicitation of requirements.”

Chris Rupp in Requirements under construction
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Dear Reader

Requirements Engineers have to be unprejudiced when eliciting requirements. They must not set limits either on themselves or on others in exploring the maximum that is feasible. They have to allow thoughts to flow freely and beyond the limits of imagination – thinking without limits.

Each of you might have already experienced how difficult this is. It is not easy to get away from predetermined thinking patterns, to question known solutions and to enlarge or simply ignore them. You have to overcome doubts and obstacles and develop your creative power. Once you succeed, a dynamic force is unleashed leading to enthusiasm and results which were not imaginable before – which are beyond the mental limit.

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