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feature story

Catching the worm

How to capture the functional size of an application in early project phases and how to create a reliable cost estimate
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Issue 2015-01


Ruling complexity
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Agile Product Ownership

9 Essentials for Product Success

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The Recover Approach

Reverse Modeling and Up-To-Date Evolution of Functional Requirements in Alignment with Tests

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Agility and Obligation

Part 1: Why Fixed Price Projects Fail

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Bridging communication gaps with a Feature Tree

How product manager and development team found a common language and understanding

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Requirements Engineering and Agile

Paying attention to requirements in an agile work environment

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Literature Reviews

Authors Quotes

“In many agile frameworks the delivery of requirements is considered to be an autonomous process, as if stakeholders simply come up with their requirements by themselves.”

Sven van der Zee in Requirements Engineering and Agile

“For a reliable size measurement it is necessary to understand how business use cases translate into system use cases.”

Carl Friedrich Kress in Catching the worm

“There is always a fundamental conflict of interests in case of fixed price agreements.”

Gunnar Harde in Agility and Obligation
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